Proven, Safe Technology

Solar-power technology has proven itself over 30 years and in more than 100,000 individual projects. Solar modules offer 25-30 year warranties, and many system integrators offer performance guarantees after installation.

Job Creation

GERC offers a superior job creation strategy with two fundamental advantages over other EB-5 programs. First, GERC depends exclusively on “indirect” job creation through a spending model. Unlike other EB-5 programs that must rely on “direct” job creation, GERC satisfies the job creation requirement as soon as an investment is made, i.e. when dollars have been spent to install a solar project. Second, EB-5 investors in GERC co-invest with well-known banks and private equity investors, which results in larger projects with greater job creation. In essence, the banks and private-equity investors effectively “amplify” job creation for the EB-5 dollars invested, substantially reducing EB-5 job-creation risk.

The GERC indirect job creation model has been pre-approved by USCIS. As part of this approval, GERC commissioned an econometric study that indicates solar-power projects targeted by GERC will generate sufficient jobs to adequately cover the USCIS requirement of 10 jobs per investor.

Investment Safety

Solar-power projects generate predictable cashflow with stable revenue streams, government incentives, and low operating expenses. The reliable operating income enable projects to pay back EB-5 investors. EB-5 investments through GERC represent loans extended to solar-power projects, and like any other loan, they are secured by hard assets, entitlements, and customer contracts. Each EB-5 investor stands as a creditor side-by-side with other banks and therefore enjoys a higher priority for recouping his or her investment, ahead of equity investors.

Governmental Support and Incentives

Green energy and solar power receive strong support from the U.S. federal government and the state of California. For instance, the U.S. government offers a generous investment tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of a project as well as accelerated depreciation . In addition, California offers a Performance Based Incentive for the first five years of production of solar energy. PBI nearly doubles revenue for some projects during the first five years of operation. Finally, California mandated the state’s electric utilities to use renewable sources for a third of all electricity generation by the year 2020, which stimulates demand for solar power.

Immigration Processing

GERC works with investors on an individual basis to prepare and submit applications and supporting documentation in an efficient and expedient manner.

Professional Management Team

GERC and its partners offer a world-class, highly skilled team with strong experience in risk management, solar technology, and immigration affairs.

For more information, email us info@gerc.us