Clean Focus

cleanfocuslogo2 Clean Focus specializes in financing and leasing solar-power installations in the commercial, government, and utility sectors. Clean Focus raises and manages capital from a variety of sources, including EB-5 investors through Green Energy Regional Center, to acquire and operate solar-power projects. Clean Focus also has recruited well-known banks, private-equity investors, and multinational corporations that want to invest in solar-power projects. These companies come from both China and the United States. Clean Focus investors recognize the attractive returns but low-risk nature of solar power. Clean Focus typically co-invests equity, demonstrating confidence in each solar-power project in which it finances, owns, and operates.

Clean Focus performs extensive due diligence on each solar-power project. The team works exclusively with top engineering and construction firms that bring proven experience in building solar-power systems, are well capitalized, and will be around for many years to maintain the system. Clean Focus also verifies each system’s expected output with an independent engineering firm. Most importantly, a high-quality “offtaker” (electricity consumer) – a company, utility, or government agency – with a high credit rating must contractually agree to purchase all generated electricity for 20 years or more. In brief, each system must have a customer before construction even begins.

Clean Focus offers an experienced, multidisciplinary team of financial and solar-power experts. Clean Focus also provides a deep understanding of relevant government agencies, as well as vast experience in risk management and project finance.

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